Anadrol 50: Overview On Use, Dosage And Precautions

If you are reading this article chances are you’ve heard about steroids or looking to find out more about them and whether you can use them for enhanced body physique, stamina, increased performance, or for bodybuilding purposes. First, Anadrol 50 is an anabolic steroid that mimics natural testosterone. Steroids are derivatives of testosterone that can be used to improve body response to physical activities and diet, especially when taken correctly alongside proper calorie and protein intake. Anadrol or Oxymetholone as it is also known helps to treat patients with anemia caused by complications of the bone marrow. It helps to stimulate erythropoiesis in people with problems with the production of red blood cells.

Like all other androgenic compounds, Anadrol 50 has shown some clinical effects whose severity can be aggravated with higher dosages. The androgenic properties of Anadrol for sale mimic that of male sex hormones, but which can have far-reaching effects on the development of sexual characteristics in small children. They are known to interfere with the gonadotropic functions of the pituitary glands and may adversely affect the normal functioning of the testes.


What is Anadrol-50?

Anadrol-50 is a man-made hormone that is anabolic in nature and which functions more or less the same as natural testosterone. Anadrol-50 has been used for many years to treat certain anemias, including those caused by chemotherapy. Although anadrol has been used by many athletes, no substantive studies have proven that it enhances athletic performance and experts argue that it shouldn’t be used towards this end.

Important Information About Anadrol

Anadrol-50 should not be used by people with severe kidney or liver complications, and cancers (including cancer of the breast, prostate) or such other cancers with enhanced amounts of calcium. Also, expectant or breastfeeding mothers should use anadrol. Long-term use of oxymetholone can cause tumors of the liver or cysts in the spleen.

When Should You Call Your Doctor?

You should call your physician if you experience stomach pain, clay-colored stools, rapid weight gain, dark urine or loss of appetite.

Do Not Take Anadrol if you have any of the following conditions:
• Male breast cancer
• Prostate cancer
• Female breast cancer with higher calcium levels
• Severe kidney or liver diseases
• You are pregnant

Therefore, if you wish not to damage or cause further complications to your health, inform your doctor if you have any of the above conditions, including the following:
• Coronary artery disease
• High levels of cholesterol (or triglycerides)
• Heart failure
• Blood clotting problems
• Diabetes
• Enlarged prostate
• If you are on blood-thinning medication

How should I take Anadrol-50?

It is important to follow all the directives to the latter as given by the manufacturer or your doctor. Chances are your doctor may change your dosage to suit your conditions or to enhance your results. It is not advisable no to take anadrol-50 in smaller or higher dosages than recommended. If you want to be sure this anadrol is working for you, ensure to go for blood tests regularly. While you may notice changes in your symptoms, but talking blood tests may help you allay any fears or help you know if you need to increase or lower your dosage.

However, if you notice any changes in your weight, discuss it with your doctor. Your dosages will depend on body weight and any changes in your body. Do not worry if your symptoms do not show improvements, as it may take up to 6 months. Therefore, you need to continue taking your medication and let your doctor know if your symptoms are not showing any improvements. Once you stabilize, you can stop taking the medication, but with the advice of your doctor. But your doctor may recommend that you continue taking anadrol albeit in small amounts to help keep your levels of blood cells at the required or optimum levels.

You need to keep track of the dosage of your Anadrol-50 and avoid using the compound incorrectly. Ensure to maintain the right dosages so as to avoid plunging yourself in worst conditions.

Dosage for Children

The dosage will depend on the size and weight of the body, but it will also depend upon the directions of your doctor. Ideally, children should take 0.25 mg per kilogram of body weight.
Dose is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor.

Dosage for Treatment of Anemia:

For the treatment of certain types of anemia among adults, teenagers, children, and older infants, the dosage should vary depending on the doctor’s recommendation. However, the normal dose should be between 1 and 5 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. For newborn babies, it is not recommended to give than anadrol. However, if it is a must, the amount of dose should not exceed 0.175 mg per kg of body weight.

Missing a Dose

If you happen to miss a dose, experts advise that you take it as soon as it is practicable. Where possible, ensure to skip the medication and start all over again. Do not take it twice or more as this may result in serious negative side effects. It is good to stick to the recommended routine and amount for as long as you are on this medication.


People on this medication or therapy may report Peliosis hepatitis, a condition that is related to severe liver failure or intra-abdominal hemorrhage. Also, experts have reported benign liver cell tumors but malignant tumors are also possible in some cases. Cholestatic hepatitis may also be reported at low dosages so be careful not to take the medication at dosages way below the required levels.
Be careful not to take the medication if you have the hepatic disease, edematour condition or if you are a pediatric patient or elderly.

What Should You Do If You Happen to Overdose?

Overdosing may occur intentionally or otherwise depending on many factors. In the event you overdose, it is important to talk to your physician immediately for help.

What should I avoid while taking Anadrol-50?

It is essential to follow all the instructions while on anadrol-50 dose. In addition, it is important to adhere to your doctor’s directions on dieting, beverage intake, physical activity and intake of other medications.

Anadrol-50 side effects

You need to seek immediate medical help if you show any of the following signs or allergic reactions: swelling of the lips, face, tongue, or throat, hives, and difficulties in breathing. Extended use of oxymetholone can bring about blood-filled cysts, liver tumors, and more. You should call your medic if you have:
• Difficulties in urinating
• Prolonged erection or abnormal interest in sex
• Loss of sexual interest, difficulties having an orgasm, low semen levels
• Blood clotting problems
• Swelling of the breast
• Changes in skin color
• Shortness of breath

Women on Anadrol-50 dosages may develop male characteristics, which could be severe if you continue with the treatment. If you are a woman, you need to inform your doctor if you notice the following:
• hoarse or deepened voice;
• enlarged clitoris
• increased facial hair
• male pattern baldness
• Abnormal menstrual periods; or
• increased or loss in sexual interest

Common side effects that may affect both men and women include the following:
• Sleep problems
• Vomiting, diarrhea, nausea
• Feelings of restlessness
• Acne

Does Anadrol Have any Interactions?

Anadrol may have interactions with other prescriptions including over-the-counter medicines, herbal products, and vitamins. You should inform your doctor about all medications before you start using anadrol-50.


Anadrol is a synthetic anabolic male hormone that is used to treat a number of complications. Primarily, it is used to enhance the production of erythropoietin, which is essential in the production of red blood cells.

How to Take Anadrol-50

The drugs are taken orally by mouth. It can be taken alongside milk or food, especially if you experience upsets. It is important to use the medication on a regular basis so as to realize the best results. The amount of dosage will depend on the patient’s medical condition and the response of the user to the therapy.


This drug belongs to the class of anabolic steroids which share a lot of resemblance with testosterones in terms of actions. As an anabolic steroid, anadrol helps with the regeneration of the body tissues due to old age, injuries or other health-related conditions. It is recommended to take a diet rich in calories and proteins when you are on steroid treatment. It is used to help people looking to gain weight, especially following a severe illness, injury or other medical reasons. It can help treat hereditary angioedema, which is known to cause swelling of the throat, windpipe, arms, face, and legs.

Proper Use

Experts advise that individuals should use this medicine as per the directions of the doctor to minimize the chances of experiencing possible side effects.


The dosage for this drug may vary depending on different individuals. Follow the directions of your doctor and the label. Note that the directions on the label are the recommended averages. Do not alter the dosage unless you are advised accordingly by the doctor. The extent of the dosage comes down to the strength of the steroid, the period between the dosages, and the severity of the condition for which you are using the medicine.

Dosage for Injectable form of Anadrol:

• Men and boys aged 14 years or older should take 50 -200 mg of the drug which should be injected into a muscle every 1-4 weeks.
• Children up to 2 years of age should be given a dose according to the directions of the doctor while children from 2-13 years should receive a dose of 25-50 mg every 1-4 weeks. The cycle of the dose may be varied by your doctor depending on how best you respond to the treatment or the symptoms. The treatment may last up to 12 weeks, but your doctor may recommend that you repeat the treatment cycle so as to achieve the desired results.
• Women & girls aged 14 years and above should take a dose of 50 to 100 mg (milligrams) of the medicine, which should be injected into a leg or shoulder muscle every 1-4 weeks.

Pediatric Use

Anabolic or androgenic steroids should be taken with extreme caution, especially in children and should be given only by accredited medical professionals who understand the effects of the drug such as early maturation of the bones in children.

Anabolic agents are likely to increase epiphyseal maturation than linear growth, especially in children. Beware that these symptoms may continue six months after stopping the treatment. Post treatment therapy is highly recommended and x-rays should be taken after the 6th month in order to check and avoid the risk of affecting the height of the children.

Geriatric Use

Clinical studies involving the efficacy of Anadrol pills have not focused so much on the elderly people aged 65 years and above. a few studies conducted have not revealed any differences in the response of the drug in elderly patients and younger patients. However, the choice of the dose should be made cautiously when determining the dose to be taken by senior citizens. Usually, old patients should start the medication at lower dose range depending on the response or vulnerability of the elderly patient to renal, cardiac problems and hepatic conditions.

Final Thoughts

Anabolic steroids are becoming increasingly popular among many people across the divide thanks to their potency in treating certain conditions. Of many steroids out there, Anadrol steroid is shaping the medical industry with experts saying anyone who wishes to buy Oxymetholone should be careful not to be duped into purchasing fake Adrol 50.

Whether Anadrol tablets or Adrol pills, or injectable anadrol steroids, it is important to do your research before you buy Anadrol online. Ensure to ask your friends, family members or review online user reviews about the drug to get a sense of what Oxymetholone for sale does and the benefits or side effects it is likely to pose. Your doctor will prove extremely invaluable in helping you determine if you are the right candidate to take anadrol steroids.

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