Did Anthony Joshua Use Steroids?

Rumors have been swirling that Anthony Joshua may have used steroids to help him achieve his incredible boxing success. Let’s look at the evidence and see if there is any truth to these rumors.

There is no concrete evidence that Joshua has ever used steroids. However, some people have pointed to his large physique and muscular build as evidence that he may have taken performance-enhancing drugs.

Joshua has consistently denied using steroids and has never been caught using them. However, the rumors continue to circulate, and many people believe that he may have used PEDs at some point in his career.

Anthony JoshuaThere is no doubt that Joshua is an incredibly talented boxer. He has beaten some of the best heavyweight fighters globally, including Wladimir Klitschko and Charles Martin.

People have speculated that Joshua’s rise to fame was too quick for him to be completely natural. For example, he went from zero professional fights in 2013 to becoming IBF heavyweight champion in 18 months.

Some people believe that this is impossible without using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. However, others argue that it is possible if you are naturally very talented – particularly with weight training and boxing techniques – which could account for his meteoric rise up the ranks.

In 2016, there were reports that Anthony Joshua‘s urine contained traces of a performance-enhancing drug called clenbuterol. However, both parties denied these claims, and the test results later came out clean. The WBC then banned him from fighting in one championship fight with Deontay Wilder because it gave him special treatment.

In 2017, another reported incident involving Joshua was when he fought Joseph Parker for the latter’s IBF heavyweight title in Cardiff. This time, a substance was found in his system but not in enough quantities to constitute a failed drug test.

It is unclear what this substance is or where it may have come from – but some people have suggested that it could be a by-product of the steroid nandrolone. Nandrolone has been linked to many high-profile cases of doping.

Anthony Joshua’s camp has stated that he will be tested regularly for performance-enhancing drugs, including random out-of-competition tests and testing conducted immediately after his fights.

Although there is no evidence to support these claims at this time, it seems likely that it could be the case since steroids leave your system relatively quickly after use – so it would be difficult for them to show up in regular drug tests even if you are using them just before your next fight. Joshua won’t have anywhere near enough time to clear them from his system if they take standard random tests.

Only time will tell if Joshua is using steroids or not. However, the speculation and rumors will continue until some definitive evidence is uncovered one way or another.

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