Everything You Need To Know About Testosterone Boosters

You’ve seen them all before; the kind of guys who just seem to explode with muscle everywhere once they start training. You cannot help but wonder why the same doesn’t happen to you, even as you follow a strict training and dietary regime. What could it be that you’re missing? Well, chances are that you could use a testosterone supplement. And this comprehensive guide will help you make the right decisions as you search for testosterone for sale.

Why Do We Need to Increase Testosterone?

Our bodies are capable of producing testosterone by themselves. For males, in particular, T synthesis is said to begin as early as 7 weeks after conception, continuing at a moderate level till one hits puberty. It’s here that testosterone production rises dramatically to facilitate the bodily changes that occur at this point.

Testosterone production peaks at the age of 16-21 for most people, and the body maintains consistent stocks for about 10 years. But things begin to change once you’re in your 30s; experts indicate that T levels start plummeting at a rate of 1-2% yearly thereafter.

And it’s not just age that can get in the way of natural testosterone production. Excessive stress, lack of sleep and poor diet can all make your T levels dip. As do certain medications like opiates; combine just a couple of these factors and you have a massive testosterone deficiency in the long run.

The good news is that it’s possible to restore testosterone levels back to normal when this happens. As a matter of fact, some people have achieved this just by adopting a more active lifestyle; this fights off stress, in addition to encouraging better nutritional and sleep habits. Not to mention that exercise is one of the best testosterone boosters out there.

But then again, there’s a symbiotic relationship between T levels and physical activity. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid that directly stimulates muscle growth; this is one of the ingredients you need to take your regime to the next level. To put it another way, you’ll have an easier time making progress if your T levels fall at the upper end of the normal range. And that’s where test boosters come into the equation.


The Low-down on Testosterone Boosters

The term is pretty much self-explanatory: T boosters are substances designed to help the body increase its T levels. Also called testosterone supplements, they’re usually formulated with ingredients like Fenugreek, Tribulus Terristris, Longjack, D-aspartic Acid and ZMA. The latter’s a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

But we’ll delve into details later; what’s important to note for now is that T boosters don’t actually contain any testosterone. Rather, they enhance the body’s ability to synthesize more of the vital hormone on its own. This is different from testosterone-replacement therapy, a treatment that utilizes synthetic agents to supplant natural production. These agents have the potential to supply much more testosterone than the body would manage — it’s for this reason that their use is limited to cases with severe hormonal deficiency.

By contrast, natural testosterone boosters work within the body’s processes. That means they can only bring your T levels up to the maximum natural (i.e. as high as your body can safely manage. So, in essence, there’s practically no risk of overdosing. The same cannot be said of testosterone-replacement therapy — it’s recommended to steer clear unless one is diagnosed with hypogonadism, or any other disorder that severely impairs the body’s testosterone-synthesis capability.

Effects of Test Boosters: What Do You Stand to Gain From Taking a Testosterone Supplement?

Having less-than-optimal testosterone levels doesn’t just affect your performance in the gym. The hormone plays a handful of roles in the body, from regulating mood and libido to promoting cardiovascular function. A well-formulated test booster can make a huge difference in your general wellbeing.

What if there’s no indication that your T levels are beginning to dip? You could still use a testosterone booster nonetheless. You see, blood levels of free testosterone (the T that your body can actually utilize) are known to fluctuate significantly over time. And this happens even when during the peak period. It’s possible that your levels might plummet when your body needs testosterone the most. Supplementing can however minimize the likelihood of that happening, besides affording you these benefits:

– Less fat, more muscle: We mentioned earlier that testosterone plays a primary role in the development of muscles — that’s not all it does. The hormone also has an influence on body fat levels. It promotes fat utilization to keep the amount circulating in your bloodstream within control. When your T levels begin to decline, your body starts accumulating fat, and you lose muscle mass as a direct result. But this process is reversible. Optimizing your testosterone levels will result in a better fat-to-muscle ratio.

– Increased strength: Muscle mass goes in tandem with body strength; the more you pack, the more raw power you have at your disposal. Testosterone also contributes to strength on a cellular level by making more calcium available for release, which consequently makes muscle contractions more potent. Additionally, the best test boosters contain DHT, yet another substance that enhances muscle contraction force output.

– Bone density: It’s easy to overlook this vital aspect in your quest for better performance. But the fact is that you cannot achieve much if your bones aren’t strong enough. If anything, weak bones are prone to fractures, and these can pose a huge setback. We’ve just seen that testosterone influences how the body utilizes calcium, a mineral that makes up a significant share of the skeleton. Studies suggest that the hormone’s presence has an influence on bone density, specifically in the spine and hip region.

– Improved circulatory function: While role its in heart health is said to be minimal at best, a recent study showed that testosterone can make one less vulnerable to heart attacks when present in the right amount. Elsewhere, the hormone facilitates the development of red blood cells by increasing the amount of erythropoietin.

– Endurance: This is a by-product of improved heart and blood health; it becomes easier to sustain intense physical activity when both are in good shape. Furthermore, testosterone stimulates the production of nitric oxide (NO). This compound works to make your blood vessels relax to enhance flow. As a result, more oxygen and glucose get delivered to your muscles during your workouts.

– Brain function: There’s evidence that having high ratios of total testosterone can lower the risk of falling victim to Alzheimer’s disease. Experts further suggest that testosterone treatment boosts spatial abilities and verbal memory among middle-aged men. That should be a strong incentive to take up natural testosterone supplements even if you’re not looking perform better in the gym.

– Sexual performance: We don’t need to elaborate much here — the inability to rise to the occasion is a common concern for men as one gets older, and diminished T levels are often to blame. Supplementation can restore normalcy in such cases.

In a nutshell, there are some very convincing reasons to start restocking your body with testosterone. And you don’t have to wait for age to take its toll to do this; a stitch in time saves nine, as the adage goes. The earlier you get started, the less effort it’ll take to restore (or maintain) normal T levels.

Where Can You Find the Best Testosterone Booster for Your Needs?

Testosterone boosters can be found in many different outlets, from specialized pharmacies to general grocery stores in some areas. That said, the internet is your best bet if you want good bang for your buck. Not only will you find a wider array of products, but the prices are also lower. It’s also easier to research your options when shopping online.

On that note, it’s about time we explained what you should look out for as you buy testosterone online. Let’s start with the ingredients; the best testosterone supplements rely on the proven agents highlighted earlier. Here’s a brief outline of how they work:

– D-Aspartic Acid: Often listed as D-AA on product labels, this is an amino acid that regulates hormonal synthesis in the body.

– ZMA: The two minerals that make up ZMA are both crucial for testosterone production. Meanwhile, vitamin B6 works to increase testosterone relative to cortisol levels. The two hormones share an inverse relationship (i.e. one tends to drive away the other).

– Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs): Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are crucial in facilitating a range of bodily processes, among which is T synthesis. For this reason, the best testosterone supplements include both EFAs.

– Aromatase inhibitors: Certain T boosters include compounds that work to inhibit aromatase (a hormone that converts testosterone into estrogen).

– Organic agents: These include Longjack, Fenugreek, Horny Goat Weed, Shilajit, Tribulus Terestris, and other plant extracts. Some have substances that help the body produce more T, while others work to keep competing hormones in check.

Now, testosterone supplements can contain lots of other ingredients besides these. But there’re a few red flags you should watch out for — substances indicating that what you’re look at isn’t a natural test booster. These include: Testosterone Cypionate; Testosterone Propionate; and Testosterone Undecanoate. All 3 are testosterone esters (synthetic versions) used in replacement therapy, and have to be prescribed by a licensed practitioner. They’re administered via injection, while natural supplements come in the form of oral pills (or gels/transdermal patches in some cases).

Tips for Effective Testosterone For Sale Supplementation

It’s one thing to find the best test booster on the market, and another to reap all the benefits it has to offer. Follow these guidelines to help you make the most of your supplements:

– Follow usage instructions: A good T booster will have dosage recommendations printed on the label. Here, you’ll find out how many testosterone tablets you should take, and the best time of day to do it. While there’s no harm in deviating from these directions, you’ll want to follow them if you want to achieve the best results.

– Keep track: Continuing on the above point, you might want to set up a calendar on your phone to help you follow dosage instructions. This would especially be helpful if you’re stacking testosterone with other supplements ( test boosters work great with muscle builders like BCAAs and creatine). Tracking your regime with the help of calendar reminders will help you stay consistent. It might also come in handy when you need to spot potential drug interactions.

– Eat right: You just cannot bombard your body with testosterone pills and wait for results — you have to eat right. That means consuming foods that supply are conducive for hormonal synthesis; foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Green leafy veggies like kale, broccoli and garden cress will provide nutrients that help with estrogen clearance (you’ll recall that estrogen is an anti-testosterone agent). It’s also believed that cholesterol aids with testosterone production, but be sure to obtain it from the right sources (coconut oil, avocado, wild-caught fatty fish, and organic natural foods in general).

– Get plenty of sleep: Sleep is a key ingredient for hormonal synthesis, so try to get your 8 hours’ worth each day at the very least. It would also help to increase your Zzzs on days when you train harder to accelerate recovery.

– Avoid over-training: We mentioned that exercise is the number one testosterone booster, but too much working yourself too hard won’t do you much good. If anything, excessive training will lower your levels of free testosterone, as the hormone is taken up by muscles to stimulate glucose metabolism. So avoid the temptation to go the extra mile too often.

And most importantly, remember that building your testosterone levels isn’t an overnight project. Much like a training routine, this is a lengthy process that requires a great deal of patience and consistency. Keep that in mind as you buy testosterone supplements, and you’ll hardly be disappointed in the long run.

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