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Did Chris Evans Juice Up For Captain America?

Chris Evans, the beloved Avenger, is one of the key actors in the Marvel Universe who plays Captain America. He’s been involved in many superhero movies so if you are a fan it’s hard to miss Chris. Captain America is probably the most famous movie in the Marvel Universe. However, Chris Evans’ physique has got many people wondering if he is natural or using steroids to give him the shape of a real captain. Here, we shall try to give an honest review and give our verdict at the end.

Chris Evans Background

Born in 1981 in Boston, Chris possesses mixed genes- British/German from his father and Irish/Italian from his mother. He has spent almost 2 decades acting professionally. In 1997, he appeared in an educational video. Later in 2000, he had his big-screen debut. Since then he has been in countless movies and TV shows. His greatest role of all time was the Human Torch in Fantastic 4. At this point, he was probably slouching with gym training. Six years later, he took dieting and exercising seriously when he started playing Captain America. This superhero character has undergone various changes. Initially, he was small and people bullied him due to his small size. He emerged a new man after some superhero wizardly.

Chris Evans Body Transformation Since He Started Acting

Chris Evans Bulked UpIn his Avengers film roles, Chris Evans has been talked about many times. He was never a jacked person. But within a short time frame, he started appearing as a superhero and became a hot topic. Chris gained 20 -30 pounds of muscle for his role as Steve Rogers in the movie Captain America. He is 6 feet tall, 200 pounds heavy, and 8/9% in body fat. And the biggest question is, ‘Does Chris Evans take steroids or has been natty all along?’ His massive and lean figure is mind-blowing. According to health analysts, it is possible to attain a strong body like Evans’ through hard work.

For someone with a height of 6 feet, 200 pounds is not heavy. And just because his shape is achievable in a natural way doesn’t mean he is 100% natty. While acting as Steve Rogers in Captain America, he was infused with a super-soldier serum that changed him from size zero to a muscle-bound character. What if in reality, he injected a similar formula into the muscles to pack? You are about to find out.

Did Chris Evans Use Steroids?

Chris Evans RippedIn 2005 and 2007, Chris Evans played the Fantastic 4 films and appeared shirtless several times. It was clear that he was in great shape in those films. His overall mass by then was still of higher magnitude. Mind you this is 6 years down the line. During the Fantastic 4 days, he weighed about 180 pounds. He has been bulking up since he began acting as Steve Rogers and is now 200 pounds. An extra 20 pounds is a great transformation. There’s a big likelihood that Chris began pumping hard for Captain America thereby manifesting his newbie gains. Gaining 20 pounds is considered normal even in a short time.

There is very little proof if any that Chris has used steroids at any point. The allegations that have been circulating online are purely speculative. Chris has never been caught on performance-enhancing drugs and has never admitted to using them. His greatest body transformation happened during the filming of the Fantastic 4. Most of the commentaries are based on this theory without evidence. Most of those who think he is using drugs at least agree that he cannot be on steroids. Perhaps the only compound he could have used is HCG or Somatropin. The Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced by the body but Somatotropin is the synthetic form. Bodybuilders use it as an anabolic agent to stimulate muscular growth though it is yet to be approved by the FDA. HGH thus makes the body appear fuller and more elastic. Neither the debates nor the pictures of Chris Evans give any proof of HGH use.

Why Does He Look Bigger on Film?

Chris Evans Reveals His Fight Scene Training For Captain AmericaOne of the reasons he built an impressive look is that he oiled up and shaved. Captain America needs a jacked-up dude to appear as a superhero. Chris may be over 200 pounds but when standing next to a professional bodybuilder, he looks average. We don’t deny that Chris is jacked. But he is made to look bigger on the screen in various ways. Sometimes, the camera is made to add a few pounds say 10lbs. This is like an optical illusion that does some magic. Note that the lighting and shooting angles can be tweaked to give a character the desired image. Again, the suit he wears while acting is very tight and you might even wonder how he manages to walk in it. Often, he is filmed without a shirt or with a compressing garment on top. This automatically gives an illusion of a huge and heavy guy. These are some of the ways Chris Evans manages to pull an impressive silhouette. He turns out to be several inches tall and many pounds heavier after getting his powers. But in reality, his body doesn’t change.

Fairly Ripped

Chris Evans Training For Captain America Behind The ScenesTo determine whether he is natural or juicing, we must check whether there is any dramatic change that Chris has gone through in a short period. If someone adds 15 -20 pounds of weight like Chris in 6 years, then there is a big possibility he is natty. If at all the gain is 50 pounds in a few months, then they are most likely on gear. But Chris has never shown any dramatic transitioning of his body. Even though he gained mass, he maintained low fat in Captain America. But he was never enormous. He was still recognizable based on his previous looks. His current weight is impressive but does not scream anabolic steroids.

His fairly ripped body looks around 9 — 11% in terms of fat content. His abs and vascularity are eminent and he is bulkier than he is ripped. Like a bodybuilder in the off-season, Chris bulks but stays lean throughout the year. When he was still doing Fantastic 4, Chris Evans’ skin was more tanned while the body was more sculpted. You could tell that the super-shredded body had a body fat content of about 5%. He was slightly lighter in Fantastic 4. Many people thought he was able to maintain the shape with the help of fat-burning steroids. While maintaining such kind of a body is tough, it is still achievable the natural way through strict training and diet.

Any Signs of Steroid Use?

Avengers Star Chris Evans InterviewIt is expected that a captain must look good to set morals and be a good role model. As such he must never use steroids. If Chris has been juicing, he would be enormously big with swollen nipples, flushed skin, and covered in acne spots. Also, someone who is on steroid sweats a lot and they tend to lose hair. If he was depending on steroids, we would have noticed a deteriorating hairline. But his head hair looks thick and healthy. If you look at Chris Evans’ traps and deltoids, they are not ridiculously large as in the case of steroid users. These muscles are where most of the androgen receptors reside. In other words, there is no sign of muscle-enhancing drugs on Chris other than him being fairly ripped.

It is hard to add size with bulking steroids without showing the signs of bloating. But Chris has maintained a slim face and flat waist throughout his acting career. His muscles look smooth throughout the body. Note that most steroids are diuretic in nature, leaving the muscle very dry. Moreover, steroids give the skin a darker shade since they have the potential to increase the body temperature. There is nowhere in the film Chris appears to have these dark colors. His skin looks normal- no red color or acne. Steroids usually make the skin to deteriorate and signs of aging are common because they reduce the level of collagen. His head is full of hair with no symptoms of male pattern baldness. As for the chest, Chris has no gyno or a bloated appearance that results from water retention.

Chris Evans On Steroids Or Natural?

Final Word

In the fitness world, the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids is taken with a lot of caution. Without the right knowledge and administration, one can pack muscle in a short span but put their health at risk. Chris Evans looks nice but has he built his physique through supplementation, a good diet, and training only? People are quick to judge celebrities with impressive physiques. Chris is one of them and has been accused of injecting himself with figure-enhancing drugs. According to our analysis, Chris has not made enormous gains since his Fantastic 4 days. His shape is an ideal example of natural bodybuilding. He is muscular but doesn’t pack extraordinary mass. His body fat is below 10%, and with good muscle definition, he appears bigger on TV. With good lighting in video clips, he looks bigger than he is. Our final verdict is that Chris Evans is natural. His awesome physique is something that many men dream about. Anyone can reach his level of fitness through natural conditioning. Captain America insists on a diet loaded with lean protein and healthy nutrients before burning calories at the gym. This method has enabled him to pack serious muscle with the help of his personal trainer.

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