Christian Guzman Steroids

Christian Guzman: Is He A Natural Or Steroid Bodybuilder?

Background Story

Christian Guzman is a famous American amateur bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur. Guzman was born on February 20, 1993, in Houston, Texas. He has gathered an enormous following around the world by doing regular YouTube fitness videos and Vlogging. Guzman is one of the few well-known fitness personalities on the internet. Through his online success, he started a fitness apparel brand called Alphalete Athletics. This product line offers high quality and reasonably affordable ‘athleisure’ fitness and lifestyle branded clothes. Some of his apparel has in the past been featured on a couple of global bodybuilding events.

Apart from that, Guzman owns and operates an ‘industrial-style’ Alphalete Gym located in Houston, Texas. Through this facility, he provides Summer Shredding Workout Campaigns. Furthermore, he started-Up Energy Drinks brand. However, the company received two significant lawsuits in 2017 by Uptime Sports Nutrition and Uptime Energy companies over copyright violation. He survived this transgression and resumed business after making a few changes to the company name by the end of that year. Now It’s called 3D energy drinks.

You cannot mention the name Christian Guzman without bringing YouTube in the mix. His YouTube presence has elevated his brand to even higher heights. He makes YouTube fitness video content that features Steve Cook and Maxx Chewning regulars on his channel. Guzman receives love and hates from his followers in equal measure. He used his mother’s, a cancer survivor as clickbait for views and engagements on his video. That did rest well with his followers because he got a huge backlash.

His appearance is something he leverages on extensively. With all his success in the fitness industry, Guzman has influenced many amateur bodybuilders around the world. Therefore, before taking up the advice of being natty, you need to know more about Christian Guzman.

Guzman’s Progress over the years

Christian Guzman Fitness Back PoseAccording to his peers whom he went to school with, Guzman was a skinny kid that loved music. Notably, he used to play an acoustic guitar during his middle and early high school days. He Joined a Rock Music Group as a guitarist, but it later split up. Guzman then found many new friends who introduced him to a fitness program trained three times a week.

He previously co-owned a fitness channel ‘CG&NIKKIBTV’ with another fitness model called Nikki Blackketter. They later separated but kept on with the fitness program until it became part of his regimen. After school, he could indulge in body fitness exercises and weight lifting. Later, he advanced to improving his skinny stature to that of a real weight lifter.

At 18 years, he started seeing the results and bought a video camera. It was at this point when he started documenting his fitness journey on his YouTube channel. In his videos, he shared new tricks and tips he learnt along the way with his fans. Guzman built a robust online presence because his videos we quite detailed and authentic that people related with. By 2015, he had over 300k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He started featuring on various blog sites, and the one elevated his profile. He managed to gather over 800K subscribers within a short period, and even his Instagram account got over a million followers.

YouTube Vlogs

Christian Guzman makes videos because he likes to challenge himself by progressing unremittingly. He tries to show both his failures and wins in his blogs. Transparency is what has attracted more people to his platforms. For that reason, more people want to know if he uses the natural way or supplements to keep his body in shape.

Not everything that you see on the internet is real and authentic. You have to assess the person before making any conclusion. People have divided opinions on whether Guzman works out and eats natural food or uses steroids to have such a body. Read on to make your judgment!


As already mentioned, Christian’s has been an inspiring one. Whether he used steroids or followed a natural journey to achieve his body goals, he has been quite a success. Guzman got bigger online and has built a very successful personal fitness brand, fitness clothing line, product line and influential internet star.

Christian Guzman does not seem to go slow despite his successes over the years. His clientele and followers look up to him for inspiration. Business-wise he has been able to get that on lock. And as he said; “I think the biggest step is taking that first step; What if I had not ordered that Handy Cam? Ordering that video camera changed my life and a similar thing could happen to anyone with whatever passion.”

Christian Guzman Fitness

Christian has always tried to stick to the basic exercises that work for him throughout his online career. Guzman splits his weekly program into push and pull days, leg days, and off days. Each of these gym sessions typically lasts only for one hour. Most of his sets range between 2 to 3 to 4, and rep ranges go between 8 and 15.
Christian also likes to concentrate on compound lifts since he claims that they offer better overall training.

Christian Guzman Fitness Tips

Up your frequency

Christian advice his followers to up their workout frequencies in order to get the much-coveted results. He said, “I’m a huge fan for higher frequency and lower volume, so I work out all my muscle groups every 48-72 hours”. As you can follow from his video, he works out consistently while keeping it simple.

Christian Guzman Flexing LegsPush Day

  • Flat bench
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • PEC-DEC flys
  • Cable triceps pushdown
  • Overhead triceps extension
  • Shoulders
  • Military press
  • Side lateral raise
  • Rear delt flys
  • Side lateral machine
  • Upright row

Taking day offs

For Christian, he prefers to go hard for a given period without taking a break. However, he advises that it is essential to take a day off because it can wear you out. Therefore, he takes a few weeks off in a year to refresh and look back at the gains and losses.

Christian Guzman Steroids

The following are the side effects of taking steroids. To make your conclusion on whether he uses juices to juice up his fitness, read the symptoms below. Let us now assess whether Christian Guzman uses the natural program or Steroids to have such a body.


When steroids react negatively on the male’s body, they start to show female characteristics like bigger breasts. Does Christian Guzman have female traits on his physique?

Flushed skin

Most steroids users have flushed or reddish skin patches. Evidently, from his videos and Vlogs, his skin is flawless.

Exceptional trapezius muscles

Natural bodybuilders have smooth, relatively fat muscles. On the other hand, steroid users have trapezius muscles exceptionally.

Bloat on the Face or Stomach)

A bodybuilder like Kali has stomach bloat, which may be the effects of steroids. Most supplement users have low body fat. However, they have larger waists. Bloating is caused by high water retention in the belly. Christian Guzman, however, does not show signs of bloating around the abdominal area.

How big is Christian Guzman?

According to the article on about Christian Guzman, he was at the time:
6’0″ – 182cm (height).
160lbs – 72 kg (weight).
6%BF (Body Fat content).

At this time, Christian Guzman was 10kg less the guide for a typical natural bodybuilder. This might imply that Christian Guzman’s mass can be achieved naturally by dedicated people.

Is natural?

Not many bodybuilders will proudly accept that they use supplements to achieve their body goals. Therefore, no one should expect that from Christian Guzman any soon. Whether Christian Guzman Steroids are there or not, that is for you to determine. However, he has no signs of using steroids by assessing his body. He is relatively small, but that does not 100% mean that Christian Guzman is a natural fitness personality.

Things to learn from Christian Guzman’s Fitness Program

From a skinny guitar-playing kid to an established fitness personality, Christian Guzman’s is just an inspiration. All you have to do is start doing what you have always loved or dreamt of becoming. With a similar desire and drive, you can become significant in your preferable field.

Whether he uses steroids or not that is debatable; however, all we make of him is a dedicated and smart fitness personality from Houston, Texas.

Final word

Christian Guzman works hard, and there is no doubt about it. He is such an intelligent person at his age. He has multiple ventures related to fitness and healthy living, including his Alphalete fitness facility, Energy Drink, Summer Shredding online program, apparel etc. Guzman is believed to be using anabolic steroids and peptides. His appearance denies allegation because his fat content is quite a hard thing to achieve. There is a high chance that he includes fat burner in his diet.

Christian Guzman could be on steroids for some time now. Some will apprehend this fact, while others will remain ignorant. The difference is how you use the steroids and which brand specifically. The guy has mastered his craft and knows the limits. Do not get it twisted, Christian Guzman steroids are real but still in the closet.

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