Did Henry Cavill Use Steroids

Rumors of steroid abuse have immediately surrounded the new Superman, Henry Cavill. However, for those of you who are not familiar with this British actor, here are some pictures of him in bodybuilding competitions:

Henry Cavill Competition Pics

Though he looks pretty good for someone on a strict diet and workout regime, people wondered how he achieved such a Herculean physique. His latest role required him to bulk up his already ripped six-pack abs by three sizes for his new movie “Man of Steel.” He had to gain at least 27 pounds of muscle within only nine weeks! That is impossible without using illegal drugs or supplements that can be bought easily nowadays! To further support these accusations towards Henry Cavill, there are photos of him looking muscular even before the Man of Steel movie.

Many people attest that Henry needed to use steroids to get his body into excellent shape for his latest role. He could be using Anavar, Clenbuterol, or other illegal steroids. This photo fueled the Anavar rumors:

Looking at the image above closely, you will notice he has two similar patches on both sides of his flanks! These are signs that he may have injected himself with Anavar because it leaves marks like these after usage; however, they go away after some time when the steroid dissipates from the body.

Another giveaway that Cavill was using performance enhancers is that he admitted to using testosterone boosters! In an interview with Men’s Fitness magazine, Henry said:

“I’m on a strict diet and training program, and I also take a testosterone booster called Prime Male. It helps keep my hormone levels in check as I get older.”

Prime Male is a test booster supplement that contains all-natural ingredients. So, it is not an illegal steroid, but it can help increase muscle mass and strength while also helping to boost your libido.

Henry Cavill Supplements

It is most likely that Henry Cavill used a combination of legal and illegal steroids to achieve his incredible look. If he was not using illegal steroids, he might have experimented with different supplements to achieve the desired results.

Henry Cavill's Muscular Arms

What are your thoughts on Henry Cavill’s steroid use?

Did he need to use performance enhancers to get into shape for Man of Steel? Is this unfair to other actors who would do anything to look good in front of the camera?

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