Jeff Seid Steroids

Is Jeff Seid Juicing Or Natural?

Anyone can deny using steroids and still be injecting themselves in secret. Many professional athletes avoid this topic when accused by critics. They simply label the accusers as haters. The same thing happens to Jeff Seid. He has denied the taunt countless times on camera and ignores social media trolls. According to him, his muscular body is a result of hard work and dedication.

Jeff Seid is one of the most followed bodybuilders by young men who aspire to acquire a ripped six-pack figure. His photos showcase solid muscles that many people believe are only possible with performance-enhancing drugs. Angry fans are constantly firing allegations that Jeff Seid is abusing steroids. The question we shall be answering is: Has Jeff Seid attained his physique naturally through hard work?

Jeff Seid Bio

Born in 1994, Jeff Seid was raised in Renton, Washington, USA. His passion for sports started at the tender age of 5. While growing up, Jeff was very athletic and he began to realize his potential. So, he worked to improve his shape so he could gain an edge over the competitors. Surprisingly, Jeff was not always confident at a tender age. His parents became his biggest supporters when they bought him a book on muscle building. They also gifted him with a weightlifting belt so he could stay safe when training.

His passion led him to lift weights when he reached 12 years old. In his senior year at secondary school, other schools would invite him to speak to students about football scholarships. He beat multiple records and ranked number one in the wrestling matches across the country. But his dream of paying for his college education through sports was shattered and this got him depressed. Jeff Seid survived many ups and downs including his first trauma of tearing ligaments. But he kept on working out and researching bodybuilding. In his quest for a career in this field, he bumped into a topic concerning Men Physique and he decided to join the contest. He emerged number 1 and later won numerous awards that set the pace for exploring his full potential.

Jeff Seid Flexing ABS At The Gym

Jeff Seid Achievements?

Previously, Jeff won fifth place in US Men’s Physique championships in 2012. He was also the overall winner at Men’s Physique tall Class, Junior Nationals in 2013. At the IFBB Pro Wings of Strength, he took second place the same year. Jeff Seid broke records when he emerged the youngest IFBB pro competing in Men’s Physique division in 2019. He is among the youngest holders of the pro card in this nomination. Ranking in the best 20 Olympians, Jeff’s aesthetic appeal attracts a lot of women. Some men are even jealous of him.

After sculpting the coveted Adonis figure, Jeff Seid became a media personality. He would appear in fitness magazines and sign in to lucrative contracts. Thanks to his massive following on Instagram, he has been involved in numerous celebrity endorsements. This has enabled him to launch a mega clothing brand known as SeidWear. With millions of subscribers on YouTube, some skeptical fans suspect Jeff Seid could be on steroids or SARMs.

Bi DataJeff Seid Flexing When He Was Teenager

  • Height: 183cm (6ft)
  • Chest: 130 cm
  • Waist: 76 cm
  • Biceps: 46 cm
  • Deadlift: 233 kg
  • Squat: 197 kg
  • Bench press: 159 kg

What is Workout Regime Like?

Jeff Seid's Back MusclesIn his training program, he suggests a 5-day split focusing on developing a specific group of muscles. He claims that this has allowed him to thoroughly work out the entire body. He chose this technique after numerous trials. But his exercises are quite diversified. Persistence is one of his key principles. When doing a rowing machine, cardio, orbitrack, assault bike, or treadmill, Jeff prefers the HIIT method. He has been spotted using TRX, jumping rope, bosu, and slam balls among others.

Since his athletic body needs sufficient energy to withstand intensive workouts, Jeff adheres to healthy nutritional plans. This means sustainable carbs, rich proteins, and healthy fats. His day starts with heavy meals for breakfast. Two hours later he has to take a protein smoothie and fruit such as apple. During lunch, he takes a heavy balanced meal. He must eat a grape sandwich and ham at around 3:30 pm. At 6 pm, Jeff takes a protein cocktail followed by dinner served with steak, sweet potatoes, plus some vegetables at 7:30 pm. His last dish for supper is very light i.e. milk, yogurt, blueberries, jelly sandwich, and peanut butter.

Jeff Seid as Fitness Model

When he made the history of being the youngest pro, he attained a massive fan base on social media. A lot of young guys idolize him across the world. His lean muscular body is an eye-catcher. Unlike some bodybuilders, he doesn’t look like a mass monster that has been bred from genetic trials. He is even regarded as a founding father of the aesthetic crew. Throughout the year, he maintains a lean and proportionate figure with impressive legs. This is not the case with most of his competitors. He keeps his fans updated on social media.

Is Jeff Seid’s Claim of Naturalness True?

Only a few believe that a natural huge physique like Jeff’s is attainable. There is no proof that Jeff has been juicing. What if he uses some Stanozolol or testosterone? For these assumptions to be true, we have to look for signs of illegal steroid use which include:

• Dramatic changes in mood
• Rapid gain of muscle in a short duration
• Stretch marks around the chest
• Abnormally big breasts (gyno)
• Increase blood pressure level
• Needle marks on the butt
• Puffiness on the face because of water retention
• Increased acne on the back, chest, and face

Possible Signs Jeff Seid is not on Steroids

Jeff Seid Won First Place At Bodybuilding CompetitionIn view of the side-effects of steroid use, we cannot conclude that Jeff Seid is using illegal steroids. First, he has no sign of gynecomastia or man boobs. This is a major side effect of prolonged use of anabolic steroids that convert to estrogen the female hormone. The volume of the breast thus increases due to swelling of the exiting tissue. This is hypertrophy of the bust that ends up looking like a female body.

Secondly, Jeff has no acne. Acne manifests severely in bodybuilders who depend on steroids. The problem with illegal steroids is that they increase unwanted compounds in the blood including triglycerides, phospholipids, and bad cholesterol. When these elements are in excess, they affect the circulation of blood by adding pathologies that cause acne. If you look at his skin, it is very clean without any pimple or redness. If he were on steroids, he would have shown early signs of aging like wrinkles and gray hair. Steroids reduce the amount of collagen hence the skin is likely to sag.

The signs of water retention on muscle are not seen in Jeff. Most athletes that use illegal drugs look that they are bloated. However, the genetic composition of Jeff seems natural. He started to build muscle at the age of 12 so he has been following his routine for 14 years. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that a decade of hard work has resulted in his incredible physique.

One of the most obvious symptoms of steroid use is flushed skin. This refers to a paper-thin red skin. If he was on drugs, he would appear more dramatic than he is today. This is probably the clearest indication that he is natty.

What is His Take on Steroid Use?

Since Jeff is in the public eye, he is subjected to a lot of scrutinies for just about anything. Each one of his social media posts gets several criticisms. But he has always denied using performance-enhancing tablets and injections. When denying the allegations, he quickly promotes other products instead of answering the same issue. This has allowed him to make huge commissions from different brands. Many internet users are aggravated by this, fueling the accusations of steroid use further.

The Verdict

Jeff Seid Roids Or NaturalHaving studied the impressive career of Jeff Seid and his bodybuilding journey, we can pick a few points for and against the possible use of steroids. His body size is the main indicator. His average weight over the years has been 200 -215lbs off-season. We can neither say he is a mass monster nor small. He simply has a huge lean frame. Tentatively, his weight comes from all muscles. A lot of people have managed to reach his size naturally. Still, it is possible to attain such a level on low doses of steroids. Some people are convinced he is running low doses of SARMs because of his marvelous year-round condition. His abs are ever in great shape and the vascularity on the arms highly visible both on and off-season. He looks ready for the stage at any given time. Fitness athletes understand how hard it is to maintain good shape throughout the year. But Jeff manages without much effort. Could this be a sign that he is using steroids?

Jeff has been lifting weights for 14 years. It is not surprising that he has gained so much weight. Looking at his teenage photos, you can tell how much muscle Seid has built- about 20lbs or so. This can be done naturally through consistent workouts and a proper diet. Jeff had to overcome many obstacles including injuries. He has lived a life of faith, attending the gym with high motivation. His fame is well earned because he has never been caught using prohibited drugs in the bodybuilding industry. So there is a big possibility that Jeff Seid has transformed his physique through clean eating, protein shakes, and weightlifting.