Did Joe Rogan Use Steroids?

Joe Rogan is one of the most famous and successful comedians globally. He is also a UFC commentator and host of the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

A recent article on Vice Sports raised whether or not Rogan has ever used steroids. The report cites an anonymous source who claims that Rogan admitted to using steroids.

The article then cites Rogan’s muscular and athletic physique as evidence that he might have used steroids. The article also mentions how Rogan has publicly discussed his experiences with using marijuana for various purposes, including enhancing his athletic training. The author of the article posits that because these two things both improve performance and are illegal in some circumstances, it seems likely that they would be used together as doping agents.

Joe Rogan Working Out

The article brings up an interview where Joe Rogan discusses using amphetamines to improve performance when competing at martial arts tournaments to support this idea. It is unclear whether or not Joe was joking or serious about this claim; either way, it seems like a poor example since amphetamines are prescription medications with a wide range of off-label uses.

In addition, the article also cites an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience in which a professional MMA fighter by the name of Kevin Casey is interviewed and discusses using steroids in the past. That being said, Kevin discussed his experiences to discourage others from using them, so it seems like a poor example too.

Joe has repeatedly denied ever taking any performance-enhancing drugs in response to these allegations. He even stated on his podcast recently that he would never take steroids because they didn’t interest him, and he views them as cheating rather than a natural substitute for hard work. If this is true, it seems highly unlikely that Joe Rogan would have ever used steroids.

More evidence that Joe Rogan has never taken steroids can be found in an interview he did with Men’s Fitness, where he discusses how jacked the actor Vinnie Jones is and crowdsourcing steroid research on his podcast. In this interview, Rogan claims to have asked around about what kind of training regimen Vinnie Jones uses for muscle building, only to find out that he rarely even lifts weights. If this is true, it seems highly unlikely that Joe Rogan would use steroids when they don’t even work well enough to build muscle! [What? They work very well!]

This article has cited several pieces of “evidence” relevant to the topic at hand; however, without anything besides the anonymous source’s testimony, it is impossible to say whether or not Joe Rogan has ever used steroids. However, what is clear is that there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he has.

Only Joe Rogan knows whether or not he has ever taken steroids. Until he comes out and confirms or denies these allegations, we can only speculate.

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