Mike O'Hearn

The Truth About Mike O’Hearn And Steroid Use

Mike O’Hearn is an American bodybuilder, fitness model, personal trainer, and actor. Born Michael O’Hearn in 1969, he comes from California. His physique has won MR. Universe title 7 times. As a powerlifting champion, he was has been recognized severally as the fitness model of the year featuring in over 500 magazines ad publications. He showed a keen interest in bodybuilding at the tender age of three. When he was four years old, he squatted a whopping 800 pounds. He is genetically endowed with testosterone levels of over 1500mg/dl. It is no surprise that at age 12 he ranked top in the Washington State competition.

Ripped Mike O'HearnIn 1992, Mike O’Hearn took a minor supporting role in the movie Death Becomes Her. He later appeared in several films including World’s Finest by Sandy Collora and the Battle Dome series. Today, Mike has a YouTube channel and a website where he offers advice on gym training and dieting. He had a hardcore gym for a few years but he claims that it was taking most of his time. So he decided to be training online with elite athletes. Mike O’Hearn is now a brand all by himself in the bodybuilding community. The 6ft champion claims that his near-perfect physic is 100% natural.

Growing up in a big family with eight of his siblings, Mike was the youngest boy. The family was very active led by his father who was a bodybuilder and a football player. His mum was an artist while the older brothers and sisters were tough in weightlifting. Each one of the family members was supposed to do martial arts and Mike being the youngest would be the punching bag.

Mike O’Hearn Exercise and Diet Regime

He trains at least one hour every day, which he refers to as the offseason. If he has an upcoming TV show, movie, modeling, or guest post, he trains twice a day- one hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. Mike is not always at the gym like most pros. He believes in training smart, not hard.

Why is Mike O’Hearn Shredded All the Time?

Michael O’Hearn has received a lot of criticism that he is on steroids. Not so many believe that a man can’t maintain a ripped physique after the age of 50. But if you understand the science behind exercising, then you know that staying in shape requires you to maintain the body fat at 6% through maintenance calories. What this means is that if you have 1500 calories as the BMR and took that exact number of calories daily, you can hardly gain fat. And this is how bodybuilders like Mike O’Hearn manage to keep a ripped figure year-round. Since he is a very active person, Mike’s metabolism is quite high. He is 247 pounds heavy and he does jet Kun do, judo, lifting, and running. So, he doesn’t need to starve to keep lean muscles.

Mike has devised a science-based technique that meets his powerlifting and aesthetic needs. In his method, he lifts heavyweights in maximum sets and minimum reps. This is the key factor that contributes to his amazing physique. He has learned how to shed fat and retain lean mass even when there is no contest ahead.

Is Mike O’Hearn Natural?

Shawn Ray Calls Out Mike O'Hearn On Anabolic SteroidsAt the age of 16, Mike O’Hearn’s weight stood at 270 pounds. Kids of his age use to taunt him, alleging that he is using drugs to bulk up. He maintained this weight but was always doing his best to burn fat. When he appeared for the first time on film as Thor, the world kept wondering if he is natural or injecting muscles with performance-enhancing drugs. Most of the actors he was working along with admitted to using steroids. But Michael O’Hearn insisted that everything he gained was all-natural. He is genetically advantaged and so he seemed bigger and stronger compared to his colleagues who were juicing up. His superior bodybuilding genetics gave him an edge over the competitors. Mere contact with weights makes him jacked without struggling. This has also been the case in other great bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger. We strongly believe that Mike is genetically gifted for a huge physique. Not many teenagers can weigh 270 pounds with amazing biceps. For Mike to be jacked at that age is simply astounding.

When asked to advise young bodybuilders, he never talks about steroids because he doesn’t believe in the drugs. In his deepest statement, he says there is no need to take harmful substances, do all the work, and fail to maintain the muscle. Steroids have no benefit, according to Mike O’Hearn.

Has Mike O’Hearn Failed a Drug Test?

The number of drug tests that Mike has taken is probably as many as his selfies. Before the reboot of the Gladiators, he was subjected to a test by NBC. He also took other tests during the many bodybuilding competitions he has participated in. Nothing suspicious has ever turned up. In some powerlifting federations, he had to go the extra mile of taking a lie detector or polygraph.

Could Mike O’Hearn Have Used Steroids?

It is rare to come across a bodybuilder who has it all like Michael O’Hearn. His years of TV, hundreds of photos on magazine covers, and well-trimmed hair says a lot. Not to mention his smug look on social media posts. Truth is anyone who can achieve Mike’s fitness level would smirk everywhere. At the age of 46, he rocked an exquisitely sculpted body of 262 pounds and a year-round fat percentage of 6. He swears that he has been natural since time immemorial. But fans always turn in disbelief, writing negative messages on boards and social media. To answer the question of whether Mike O’Hearn is natural or not, we have put together a few points:

Mike O'Hearn Lifting Weights

• He was Never Influenced

Mike grew up in a hardcore environment where everyone in the house was training. Exposure to steroids was a common thing at an early age, not just at the training centers. He confessed that his sister and two brothers took steroids. Instead of getting tempted, he hated the idea of muscle-building drugs. Of course, there was a rivalry between siblings and they kept telling him that every fitness model on magazine cover depends on steroids. But he insisted that he will beat them without taking shortcuts. In his opinion, steroids have an up and down. He saw his brothers performing better by jumping 500 pounds of deadlift while he did 400. However, when they finished their steroid cycle, they would drop to 450 pounds and catch up with them. In other words, steroids get people better for a while only to get them worse. He’d rather keep what he has.

• Testosterone level

It is said that the testosterone level of a man reduced by 1% each year when he reaches 30 years old. Given that Mike O’Hearn is now 51, it is expected that his testosterone has reduced by 21%. This is only a small amount that cannot make a big difference in his total weight. Most bodybuilders that take synthetic testosterone aim at spiking the T-levels by 30%. Yet, they do not show a significant change in muscle growth. For the muscle structure to change there is no need for a tremendous increase in testosterone. Scientifically speaking, Mike O’Hearn has been able to maintain lean mass naturally. But we expect a decline in muscle tissue when he gets past 65 years of age. This will be inevitable whether he is lifting or not. At 65, his natural testosterone should be about half of the level it stood at 25 years.

• Zero Signs of Steroid Use

The main signs of steroid use include flushed skin, baldness, extreme vascularity, bloated muscle, acne, water retention, unproportional deltoids, and traps. Mike has shown none of these signs. His head contains quality hair. At 51 years of age, it is virtually impossible to have a good amount of head hair with steroids in the body systems. So, there’s a big possibility Mike has not used any drug for the last 30 years. Moreover, if he was on steroids, he would be veiny. But Mike is fairly vascular- something that is naturally achievable.

With age, the level of collagen produced in the body is bound to decline. This results in thinner and delicate skin and so the muscle becomes more vascular. Steroids are known to reduce collagen but Mike’s skin looks healthy. A 51-year old with low body fat percentage would look freakishly vascular if on steroids. But this is not what Mike O’Hearn is.

In Summary

Boasting a height of 6’3″, Mike O’Hearn is an inch taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The fact that he looks very composed in photoshopped images makes people believe he is on steroids. We all agree that his physique is a dream of many. But did you know he has been training for over 30 years? His natural bodybuilding potential is greater than what average people have. But it is still unbelievable that he is natty. However, our trusted sources have nothing to point out that he has used steroids. As such, we have nothing to accuse him of being roid. Truth is Mike has put in a ton of hard work his entire life. He has emerged to be one of the most successful fitness models in the industry. And anyone who has reached his level gets haters and naysayers. From our findings, the haters are unjustified. So we conclude that Mike O’Hearn is a natural bodybuilder.

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