Did Sage Northcutt Use Steroids?

As with any professional athlete, whether or not they have used steroids always comes up. In the UFC, this is no exception, and one of the most recent fighters to be questioned about their steroid use is Sage Northcutt.

Sage Northcutt Show His Muscular Upper Body After UFC FightA few things make people think that Sage may have used steroids. First of all, he has had a speedy development curve. When he started fighting professionally, he was only 19 years old and looked like a child next to his opponents. However, he has grown into a muscular man who can compete with the best in the UFC in a brief period.

Second, Sage has been open about his supplements and protein shakes, which is considered de rigueur for any bodybuilder or professional fighter. However, this has led to some suspicion of steroid use because it can be difficult to distinguish between someone whose muscles are earned naturally through hard work and dedication and someone who is on steroids.

There have also been rumors online that Sage has failed a drug test due to elevated testosterone levels, but all UFC fighters undergo regular testing, so it would have come out long ago if that were the case. Sage has never tested positive for any steroid or banned substance in the UFC or his previous fights with other organizations. Either way, people are left wondering whether he used steroids because of this lack of proof.

Sage has denied ever using steroids and says that his development is due to hard work, good nutrition, and natural supplements. He has even gone to test his blood and released the results to show that his testosterone levels are normal.

While there is no definitive proof that Sage has ever used steroids, the circumstantial evidence makes it look suspicious. However, we can only assume that he is clean until he fails a drug test or there is some concrete evidence to back up these allegations. And in the meantime, we can admire his natural physique and accomplishments without any suspicion of steroid use.

Did you know?

Sage Northcutt FlexingSteroids are not the only thing that can give someone an unnatural advantage in MMA. Some of the most common illegal substances MMA fighters use are marijuana and cocaine, whether they use them to recover from injury or recreational drugs.

As with many other sports, there have been accusations of steroid use in MMA. Currently, one fighter is being stripped of his title due to steroid use, while another has filed an appeal to continue fighting after testing positive for steroids.

Steroid speculation isn’t reserved for top-level UFC fighters either; even up-and-comers like Sage Northcutt come under scrutiny because of their physical appearance. As far as anyone knows, he has never tested positive for steroids himself, but that doesn’t mean that his opponents haven’t tried to accuse him publicly via social media.

The big question is – do fighters use steroids to give them an unfair advantage? It’s hard to say. On the one hand, it seems like a pretty obvious way to get an edge over your opponent; after all, steroids can help you bulk up, recover from injuries more quickly, and even improve your cognitive function. On the other hand, however, there is also the risk of getting caught and the backlash of using performance-enhancing drugs.

The answer to whether or not MMA fighters use steroids remains a mystery. However, as testing becomes more rigorous and punishments become harsher, it’s likely that we will see fewer and fewer fighters using banned substances to gain an advantage in the octagon.

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Steroid use is a hot topic in mixed martial arts (MMA). However, many people wonder if Sage Northcutt, the up-and-coming MMA fighter, has ever used steroids to help him achieve his impressive physique.

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