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Simeon Panda – Did He Build Up Muscle Mass With Or Without Steroids?

Body Bodybuilders take inspiration from the aesthetic body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has set a benchmark in the industry for every weightlifter. However, Arnhold isn’t the only inspirational character for worldwide athletes. Simeon Panda is another well-known English bodybuilder who has got millions of social media fans & he is creator of Just Lift clothing. On one side, he has tons of admirers who are surprised to see his athletic prominent body structure with perfect six-packs. On another side, some critics believe that Panda has got this muscle gain through the use of Steroids. So, in this post, you can find out whether Simeon used anabolic steroids to create such a significant change in his body, or it’s nothing but a rumor from his opponents and critics.

Evidence Supporting Panda’s Claim that “He didn’t gain muscle mass through Steroids.”

Here are some facts that support his claims. Let’s check them one by one.

When people started claiming that Panda has gained muscles and body fat through steroids, this news reached Simeon’s ears as well. He broadcasted a video where he shared his timeline and provided some other details to clear his name. This public proof is proof that he didn’t gain that muscular body through steroids.

This move of Panda might be inspired by Arnold, who accepted the fact openly that he used steroids to increase his muscle mass. Arnold’s public claim is another reason behind wildfire sales of different kinds of steroids in the market.

According to Panda, he sometimes felt frustrated and angry that people called him a liar while discrediting all the hard work he did to achieve that much muscle gain.

He passed a Lie Detector Test with Flying colors.

SIMEON PANDA & LARRY WHEELS BIG SHOULDERS ROUTINEWhen news of Simeon Panda might be taking steroids hit social media, it causes a buzz on every social platform. They couldn’t accept that a person they admire that much can take steroids to manipulate his appearance and muscle mass.

People call him a liar and abuse him in different ways online. This kind of toxic behavior was unacceptable for Panda. It was natural for him to feel frustrated to do whatever it takes to keep his 4.7 million fans on Facebook.

Fans accused him of drug abuse through which he attained a big body. Simeon wanted to give proof to the public that he was clean. Therefore, he arranged a lie detector test.

This test was conducted by Don Cargill, who is a well-known person. People trust him as he is a member of the American Polygraph Association. Besides, he holds chairmanship in the UK and European Polygraph Association.

Panda chose Cargill because the public has faith in him. People used to watch Don on the Trisha Goddard show, where he used to perform polygraph tests of criminals in front of an audience.

During the polygraph test of Simeon, Don asked him two questions.

  • Have you ever used any kind of steroid in your entire life?
  • Have you ever used some sort of human growth hormone in your life?

Simeon answered “No” to both questions, and his polygraph test showed “98 percent” accuracy.

The result of this test put some of his fans’ minds on rest as they believed him. However, others didn’t accept test results and started saying that there was still a 2 percent chance that test results are not accurate.

He 100 % passed a Hair Follicle Test.

Simeon Panda's Back WorkoutSimeon Panda wanted to win his lost fan. Therefore he arranged another test. He took a follicular test to show that he never used any growth hormones or steroids in his life. When result of test came back and showed that Panda is 100 percent natural, many fans chose not to believe the test’s results.

According to negative commenters, Simeon arranged the test. He knew about the test date, so he might have stopped using steroids to manipulate his test results.

They might have believed in Simeon if he could take that test on a random timeline.

Tiny Waist of a Panda is a Solid Proof

Fans of Simeon Panda always point toward his tiny waist as evidence that he is 100 percent clean and Natural. Getting only 31 inches of waistline with such a large structure is impossible for a person on anabolic steroids.

You must know that Panda has a tinier waist(31 inches) compared to Arnhold Schwarzenegger (34 inches), while both have the same body fat and height.

Supporters of Panda believe that his body weight and muscle gain are because of his genetics that plays a significant role in his overall structure.

Gains Timeline

Simeon Panda - HOW TO GET 6 PACK ABS [THE REAL TRUTH!]Another evidence that Simeon didn’t use steroids is available in the form of his gains timeline. You need to check his pictures from 2005 till now, and you will notice his body changes over time.

In terms of gain, every natty has an exact timeline. You can check this window by looking at their muscle mass demonstration throughout their lives.

If a person gains naturally, he starts lifting weight, grows newbie mass, and reaches the plateau phase. After that, they gain only experienced weight at a plodding pace.

On the flip side, the Gains Timeline of a steroid user is quite different.

He will enjoy newbie gain and then reach a plateau, and after that, you can see a sudden or massive boost in his muscle mass as he is on steroids.

As you have understood natty’s gain timeline, it’s time to review pictures of Panda’s muscle gain throughout his life.

In 2002, he had a skinny body, and he changed this body and attained newbie gain in 2006. Later he learned all about diet and the best tools, so he hit a plateau in 2009-2011. It has been ten years, and you won’t see a significant muscle gain in his body. His size remained the same in last years; that’s clear evidence that Simeon Panda is a Natty.

Once in an interview, he shared a story where he approached a giant guy in the gym and asked him what he has done to achieve so far. That guy told him that he got some training equipment and did training at home. Simeon often quoted that guy in his circle to know that from that time, he didn’t ask anybody how to build muscle as he found the main formula- which made sense to him.

Proof That Simeon Panda Used Steroids

There are few pieces of evidence supporting the hater’s claim that Simeon is a liar and might have used steroids for his muscle gain.

Simeon and Arnold have the Same Size

Simeon Panda Going To The GymPeople who share toxic comments about Simeon probably believed Jason Blaha and They state that Simeon has the same size as Arnold had in his prime. Arnold admitted that he was using steroids, so they believed that Panda did the same to gain that much muscle mass. However, this evidence isn’t good enough to support the hater claim.

Those who think that Simeon and Arnold have the same size should neglect the fact about their waists. Simeon has a 31 inches waist while Arnold has a 3 inch bigger waist.

When Arnold won Mr.Olympia, he had a different body size than that of Panda, who needed 40 lbs more to match Arnold’s size in reality.

Arnold had a 58 inches chest, while Panda has only 50 inches chest – 8 inches are a big difference between both massive guys. Isn’t it?

Arnhold had 22 inches arms, one inch bigger than Panda. During Arnold Time, only limited people take part in bodybuilding. However, the current trend has changed, and many body builders from top-class genetics are taking part in this sport. Therefore, there are good chances that the bodybuilding field today has giant bodybuilders than what we had long ago.
Supporters of Panda think that he might have the same size as Arnold, but both have different genetic makeup. Therefore, comparing both bodybuilders’s size and claiming that they have gained it the same way is nothing but an illogical move.

Weak Drug Testing of MuscleMania

Simeon Panda competed in MuscleMania, but people chose not to believe in drug testing. As this organization does drug testing quickly after its event, competitors can make strategic plans to pass the urinalysis test.

Although a competitor can indeed pass the Musclemania test while using steroids, yet people don’t have any proof that Simeon did anything wrong to pass this test.

It wasn’t a surprise for the fans of Panda that he passed that test of Musclemania. What was so surprising that people still accused him of drug use even when he passed the test, and all these accusations are based on his size. They didn’t give any weight to test results and called them ineffective testing methods.



There is no substantial evidence to support people’s claim that Simeon Panda has been using steroids and growth hormones, over time, to gain a big body and muscle volume. However, there is much evidence that provides enough base to claim that Panda has got this aesthetic body shape and structure all by his hard work and dedication. He is natty who learned the best muscle workout and made the most gym equipment to get the right body side. People call him a liar and drug abuser on social media either because they are jealous or unable to accept that someone could have world-class genetics. What do you think? Do you take Simeon’s side? Or would you like to stand by the side of his online abuser? Could you share your comments with us?

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