Steve Cook Steroids Or Natural

Is Steve Cook A True Natty Or Not?

Steve Cook is one of the prominent people you are likely to see on bodybuilding platforms especially on social media. From a high school footballer to breaking weightlifting records, Cook has maintained a high profile since a younger age. He may not have hailed from a community of sports to have the winning edge that he boasts today. But his inner drive to concur challenges has enabled him to be a role model and spokesperson in the world of bodybuilding.

Steve Cook Background

Steve Cook Training Chest & BackGrowing up in Idaho, the good-looking athlete had a passion for physical education back in his school days. As a teenager, he lifted weights mainly to impress the opposite gender. While at it, he had a keen interest in playing the NFL in American Football. His dream of being a professional footballer may not have come true but he failed to graduate. At the age of 21, he got married but divorce at 23 years. This got him into a depression, causing him to lose his job. He had to move in with his parents and decided to take full responsibility for his life afterward. Workouts became his greatest motivations and stress busters. He knew he had to eat properly to have a shredded body.

Besides his winsome muscles, Steve has a down-to-earth and outgoing character. He is fully committed to his profession and claims that he has built his physique naturally. This has caught many people’s attention. And in this article, we shall be exploring the credibility of Steve Cook‘s claim that he is 100% natty.

How Did Steve Cook Start His Bodybuilding Craft?

When Steve started competing in bodybuilding, he sought advice from successful weightlifters and also participated in online forums. After 8 weeks of hard work, he won the first show. This is what gave him the confidence to dominate the amateur circuit across the world. When he won a pro card, he took a plunge into fitness model contests, completed his degree, and started pursuing bodybuilding. His career in fitness modeling kick-started in 2010 when he won the M&F Male Model Search at Mr. Olympia.

Steve Crook’s Career as a Pro Bodybuilder

Bodybuilder vs. Football Tryout - Steve CookThe 35-year old is an American fitness guru who has graced many events at Mr. Olympia. He has been a competitor in the physique division alongside the likes of Ryan Terry, Jeremy Buendia, Sergi Constance, and Jeff Seid. In the past, people never took this division seriously at the Olympia. But today it has become surprisingly famous. It is more of a preparation for the biggest event.

Steve won the championship at Gold’s Classic Treasure Valley for Natural Bodybuilding. Other events where Cook recorded awards include the IFBB Houston Pro, Fit Body Competition, and the Naturally Bodybuilding Championship that took place in 2011. He even obtained a title in the NPC Junior National Championship.

It is Steve Crook who created the brand Swoldier Nation. Together with David Laid, Steve is sponsored by Gymshark. and Optimum Nutrition are the other greatest names in the fitness world that proudly sponsor Steve Cook. The companies generate massive revenue with the help of the audience that Steve commands. Every year, he signs big deals and is constantly gaining fans every day. His physique is arguable one of the most aesthetically attractive in the industry.

Does Steve Cook Use Steroids?

There are many allegations regarding Steve Cook and the use of steroids. Most bodybuilders are trolled on social media but Steve is one of the pros who don’t receive much backlash. Maybe it is due to his friendly character. The few trolls are usually accusing him of using steroids. Is this true or false? Let’s lay down some facts

How Long did Steve Cook take to Gain Muscle?

Steve Cook From Video My Shoe AddictionThe timeline of the gains is a key factor in differentiating between a bodybuilder on steroids and a natty athlete. The question is: how quick did Steve Cook take to transform his physique?

As mentioned earlier, he grew up and studied in Boise, Idaho. He was a big boy while in high school and college. His size stood at 6’1” long and 235 heavy. From his former pictures, you can tell he was a naturally jacked student. Many accused Steve of using steroids to maintain his ripped body back then. Interestingly, he has since lost 20 pounds. This is contrary to what would be expected when someone starts using steroids because they’re meant to increase the body size abnormally. So, we would have expected Steve Cook to have packed dozens of lbs.

According to Steve, he used to eat recklessly in high school and college. Most of his bulking was a result of junks. From the current pictures, it is clear that he has been watching his diet. What if the allegations of using steroids in school were true? The fact that he has lost weight would mean he is natural now.

Big Not Enormous

The truth is Steve Cook does not have an enormous figure. Weighing about 220 off stage and 215 pounds on stage, he can only be described as big, not enormous. Even though the physique is superior to normal masculine figures, his statistics indicate average in the bodybuilding world. It is possible to build his size naturally. He has been training consistently for years, so achievements speak for themselves.

The Skin

When someone is on muscle-enhancing drugs, the skin tends to age faster. They start looking older than they are. Steroids also have major side effects like triggering male baldness and man boobs. The skin can look flushed and reddish as if they have been steamed all day. But Steve Cook doesn’t show any of these side effects. Many people say he has a babyface. His skin looks healthy and youthful. He still looks young for his age. This is never the case for bodybuilders taking steroids. Does it mean that Steve Cook is real natty?

His Claims

Steve hardly talks about steroids but like most professional athletes, he claims to be natural. Of course, he wouldn’t talk about steroids because a small slip of the tongue can make him lose a deal, interview, or sponsor. He once said that he wants to be one of the bodybuilders in history who managed to gain naturally.

Has Steve Cook Been Tested for Steroids?

Steve competed in the NPC, so he must have been tested for steroids. NPC is known to be a natural organization so they wouldn’t allow the use of drugs. However, the testing procedures may be a bit ludicrous because the contestants are tested after a competition. Since they know the timing of the test, they have enough time to plan a PCT (post cycle therapy) to offset steroids in their system. Moreover, the NPC is quite slack with the testing procedures. With a little planning, a bodybuilder can pass the drug test so it cannot be enough proof that they are clean.

What Signs Show a Bodybuilder is on Steroid?

Steve Cook - BodyBuilder vs Cross Fit Athlete - Karen with Brooke EnceThere are specific signs related to the use of steroids. They are almost juicing. For a true natty, it is very rare for them to develop such signs. No bodybuilder can lie about using steroids for a long time. If you want to know if someone is building a natural physique or not, here is what to look for.

I. Rapid muscle mass without fat
Steroids facilitate the development of fat-free mass. It is almost possible to build a physique naturally without gaining fat. The only exception is through progressive overload over a long time. As such, the rapid gain of lean muscle is a sign of a steroid-induced body.

II. Gynecomastia/Gyno
Also known as man boobs, gyno is a common side effect caused by anabolic steroids. It happens under excessive use of artificial androgenic hormones. If artificial testosterone is used for a long time, it undergoes aromatization to become estrogen. The hormonal imbalance leads to abnormal accumulation of the breast tissue.

III. Acne
Acne is a result of too much oil being released by sebaceous glands. Some steroids like tren are so powerful that they cause red blemishes on the skin. This is seen as scarring and is especially common on the back muscles (bacne).

IV. Bulging trapezius muscles
The trapezius muscles have very sensitive androgen receptors. They are thus triggered to a greater level during a steroid cycle. When someone is on steroids the traps bulge more than usual.

V. Flushed skin
Reddening of the skin is a clear sign of the presence of steroids. Steroids make the body temperature to rise, causing irregularity in blood flow. Many times, steroids raise LDL cholesterol and consequently blood pressure.

VI. Water retention
It is not uncommon for steroid users to develop larger waists because of high levels of estrogen. After taking salty meals, their bodies tend to absorb more sodium hence retaining more water in the muscle.

What Shows Steve Cook Hasn’t Used Steroids

The following signs can be used to insinuate that Steve is a natural bodybuilder:
I. No acne
II. Slim waist
III. No flushed skin
IV. No gynecomastia
V. He has lost weight in a decade


With the above points, we can conclude that Steve Cook is indeed natty. In case he has ever used any figure-enhancing drug, it could be a very mild one e.g. testosterone or HGH. If he was on steroids, he would be bigger than he used to be in college. Note there is no proof that he was on steroids at a younger age. Simply put, Steve Cook is naturally endowed with strong genes for muscle. His dedication to strong work ethics has paid.

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